How to pick a tattoo

How to Pick a Tattoo

Getting a tattoo is a big responsibility that you will have to take so you have to make a wise decision. Below are some of the recommendations that can be of great help to those who are unsure of what type of home to choose and those who are just finding it hard to decide:

1. Reflect on Your Motivation

So therefore, kind of like making a scope, it is essential, before you even start thinking about designs and such, that you first define why you want a tattoo. If yes, is it a product, organization, service, event, or person? Are you interested in sharing your personality or opinions with others or an organisation? The ability to know why you want a specific design is instrumental in ensuring that what you design is personal and will last for a long time.

2. Research and Inspiration

Begin with idea exploration by considering various sources that can be inspiring. Ask friends and relatives where they got their tattoos, and even if they did not like the results themselves, they might recommend an artist or studio where they had work done. Don’t stick to just one style and remember the types that are familiar to you; traditional, minimalist colours, watercolour or geometric styles, etc. Other sources that can also prove helpful include the various social sites such as Instagram, Pinterest etc.

3. Consider Placement

The location of the tattoo is just as important as the design of it, and choose a place well. Many people make the mistake of choosing a tattoo that is invisible especially in professional settings. Some may wish to have tats that are easily concealable and the desire by others is to be able to have tats that can be seen at work. Some of the more popular areas are the arms, back, legs and stomach but you might also choose small and rather unobtrusive places like ribs or behind the ear. Also remember that some regions are actually more sensitive than others and therefore cause much pain when being tattooed.

4. Size and Detail

Depending on the area of skin that you wish to tattoo, this dictates the size of the tattoo and impact of the artwork. Tiny tattoos can be completely organic, and if you’re into simple art, then you should know that small tattoos are a perfect representation of minimalism. It is more complex to design and more area is covered with ink to display a large image. The size of the tat is also important. For example, if you select a particular area of your body to tattoo, consider how it will affect the size of the tattoo, or whether it will look good as it ages, as details do wear off when they are small-sized.

5. Choose the Right Artist

While it might seem trivial to some people, choosing the right tattoo artist is extremely important. And then you have to make a list of artists who practice the kind of work you want to see and then look at their feedback and sample products. If you want to identify a reliable artist, they should maintain cleanliness in their working area, wear appropriate PPE when working with you, and allow you to express your thoughts and give you practical recommendations. It’s not uncommon for potential clients to book a consultation to make sure they’re at ease with the particular artist that they would like to work with.

6. Customize Your Design

Friends are great places to get ideas from, but your tattoo should reflect your own personality. You can collaborate with your selected artist and have them incorporate your favourite elements but also add a little spice of the artist’s creation. The collaboration with the artist can be an excellent opportunity to bring your ideas to life and submit a masterpiece that is going to represent you as a unique individual.

7. Think Long-Term

Consider whether you want a semi-permanent or permanent marking; tattoos are graphic statements for life. The trend of designs has been of common occurrence where by such trends may prove to be troublesome at certain instances while by comparing them with the classic designs, they will continue to transcend with time. In a similar manner, consider how your tattoo will appear to others throughout various life stages. In order to reach this goal, designers should choose styles that will become timeless and not obsolete.

8. Take Your Time

Don’t rush the decision. It is always good to spend a little time with your mind on the ideas you have in mind for your body art and whether or not you fully appreciate the design, the placement and size of the tattoo you are planning to get. Some individuals usually derive benefit from a temporary printout of their potential tattoos and will wear them for some days before making a decision.

9. Prepare for the Experience

When you decide on working with a certain artist, you should get ready for getting a tattoo. Consult with your artist about possible pre-tattoo preparations such as drinking water while using no alcohol. While getting your animation done during a session, you should be as calm as possible and put your trust in your artist. Care following the procedure is necessary and is as follows: Clean your tattoo gently and avoid submerging in water for 2 days Patience is also really important especially when healing as well as after care instructions should be followed as instructed. This way, you develop your own unique and meaningful idea of a tattoo that will not only look great but also have a sentimental value, and thus make it an everlasting choice. To get more information about how to pick a tattoo please visit our website.