Age Requirements:

  • To get tattooed in Connecticut, individuals must be 18 years old.
  • For individuals 16 and up they may be tattooed with parent or guardians permission and the below documentation
  • Accepted forms of identification include a current, government-issued ID such as a driver’s license, official non-driver’s ID, passport, or birth certificate combined with photo ID. Photocopies or expired IDs are not acceptable.
  • The decision to tattoo is at the tattooer’s discretion.

Required Documentation for Minors:

  • Parents and minors must provide a non-expired photo ID or birth certificate combined with photo ID.
  • Additional documentation may be required if the minor’s last name or address differs from the parent. Examples include marriage certificate, divorce decree, adoption papers, court papers proving legal guardianship, or the minor’s birth certificate in long form with the parent’s name listed.
  • Photocopies or expired IDs are not acceptable.
  • The decision to tattoo a minor is at the tattooer’s discretion after consultation with both the minor and the parent.
  • We won’t give tattoos to anyone under 18 on their hands, neck, face, or private areas.


  • Shop minimum for a tattoo is set at $100. This price can increase based on the tattoo.
  • Tattoo pricing is unique to each project and depends on factors such as size, detail, location on the body, time and the tattoo artist’s methods.
  • Ballpark pricing can be provided after an approved design and details are discussed.


  • Setting up an appointment in advance is recommended for most tattoos.
  • Walk-ins can and are accommodated, but availability varies daily.
  • The best way to set an appointment is to email the shop at with your with ideas and references.
  • You may visit the shop also with ideas and printed references to make an appointment.
  • For larger or custom pieces, it’s essential to discuss details with the tattoo artist. This will allow them to have a design ready at the time of the appointment and/or create one in advance.
  • If unable to visit, appointments can be arranged via email with a follow-up phone call.


  • A $50 deposit is required to secure an appointment and is applied to the final tattoo cost.
  • Deposits are essential to reserve time with the chosen tattooer.
  • If rescheduling or canceling, a 48-hour notice is required, or the deposit is forfeited.
  • Rescheduling or canceling must be done by phone; email requests cannot be accepted.


  • Each tattoo artist will explain their preferred aftercare procedure during or after the tattoo.
  • To allow proper healing, avoid saltwater, chlorine, ponds, sand, and direct sun for approximately two weeks.
  • Showering is allowed, but avoid soaking the tattoo for extended periods.
  • Sunblock is suitable for healed tattoos, not new ones.