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If you are looking for custom and timeless, vintage-style tattoo art near Cromwell CT, rely on the best at Shamrock Tattoo Company. We can accommodate all requests and style preferences. Whether you want to design your own piece or want one of our professional artists to create something for you, Shamrock Tattoo Company has the resources and staff. Conveniently located in West Hartford, CT, Shamrock Tattoo Company wants to be your go-to parlor for all things tattoo.

Our staff is experienced and professional. We take hygiene and customer service as seriously as we do our art. For the past decade, Connecticut residents have relied on our expert crew to deliver them the best in vintage tattoo art. Unsure if you are ready to commit to a specific image or a tattoo in general? Come down and browse through our extensive flash library. Shamrock Tattoo Company provides our customers with the most clean and comfortable tattooing experience in the area. We are proud to be A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau.

Are you looking for a timeless tattoo piece that speaks for itself? Look no further than Shamrock Tattoo Company in West Hartford. Our staff members are passionate about tattooing and a true craftsman. When you want art, not just another tattoo, come to Shamrock Tattoo Company. We take pride in knowing that our customers will carry our ink for the rest of their lives. From an entire sleeve to an intimate piece, Shamrock Tattoo Company will create the tattoo that you have always dreamed of. We create distinctly custom pieces that are recognizable by their vibrant coloring and intricate line work.

Do you know that you want to be inked, but have no idea of what to get? Consult with a professional from Shamrock Tattoo Company today. We are happy to talk with people thoroughly to ensure that they get the tattoo that they will be happy with forever. If you are located in central Connecticut and want a tattoo, call us today.  For more information, call 860-216-2633. For your convenience, we are open late Tuesday through Saturday, 12pm-8pm. We look forward to creating art together.

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