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Tattoo Parlor – Wethersfield CT Shamrock Tattoo Co

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Best Tattoos in Hartford County

Shamrock Tattoo Company is a clean and professional tattoo parlor serving Wethersfield CT. We are your best resource for body art anywhere in greater Hartford County CT. We have earned a reputation for excellence and run a safe professional establishment. A top-grade tattoo parlor has the best tattoo artists in the area, and Shamrock Tattoo Co. surely does! Our craftspeople are not ordinary tattoo designers; they are remarkably talented and can create artistic masterpieces on the skin.

Be it a sleeve tattoo or a wrist piece, we will give you the most impressive body art designs that you’d confidently rock all your life. This should be enough reason for you to choose us for your ink work, but if you need more, here is why you should come to Shamrock Tattoo.


Clean and Hygienic Facility

Tattoo parlors can often feel a bit uninviting, but not our facility. Shamrock Tattoo has a sleek studio, reflecting our professionalism. If you come to us for your tattoo, you’ll see how clean our workstations are and how well-maintained our infrastructure is- it’ll surely win you over!

tattoo parlor wethersfield ct ct

Steady Hands and Sharp Designs

Tattoos stay with us forever, so they must be engraved on the skin with perfection, but not all artists are skilled enough to do that. Lucky for you, our tattoo masters are absolute magicians when it comes to drawing on the body. It’s not just a groundless claim; all of our clients would attest to it.

Creativity Incarnation

Sometimes we get clients who only have a rough sketch in their minds of what they want on their body, which they struggle to put down on paper. Yet they leave our studio completely satisfied, do you know why? Because our tattoo makers use their creativity and artistic skills to coax the hazy outline from the customer’s minds. If you come to us, you can rest easy knowing that you’re in good (read: magical) hands and will go out with a magnificent illustration!

We have earned many five star reviews on Google Search from our satisfied clientele. Our studio is a clean, modern and hygienic establishment. Our artists are masterful at their craft, and take the time to counsel clients on their choice of body art. Shamrock Tattoo Co. has earned an A+ rating from the Connecticut Better Business Bureau We have been accredited since 2015. Please call for information: 860-216-2633. Shamrock Tattoo Co. is closed Sunday and Monday. Shamrock Tattoo Co. is the best tattoo parlor near Wethersfield CT. Our business hours are Tuesday through Saturday 12 noon through 8:00 pm.

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Tattoo Parlor – Wethersfield CT – Shamrock Tattoo Company

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