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Pin-Up Tattoos CT

If you’re looking for artists that specialize in pin-up tattoos in CT, then head over to Shamrock Tattoo Co. Our studio is located in West Hartford Connecticut, minutes from anywhere in central CT. Our knowledgeable and experienced artists are dedicated to providing the highest quality service to anyone that steps through our doors. We’ve been providing timeless tattoos since opening our doors in 2012. Shamrock Tattoo Company strives to administer the safest and most comfortable experience possible. As craftsmen of our trade, we take pride in focusing on giving you solid quality tattoos worthy of wearing for the rest of your life. Read on as we talk about Pin-Up tattoos and their history!

History of Pin-Up Tattoos

When the pin-up tattoo comes to mind, everyone thinks of sailors and the 1950s. These became a classic in tattoo history. Typically, the woman has a large chest and posed in an erotic gesture. For desperate sailors at sea for months at a time without the company of a woman, the idea of this tattoo formed in order to bring one with him in the form of a tattoo. The name of the pin-up tattoo came of course from pin-up magazines.

Pin-up girls often have a theme and represent someone such as a nurse, an actress, the statue of liberty, a firewoman, a racecar girl, a singer, Amelia Earhart, or a sailor. The clothing the pin-up girl wears is typically a low-cut shirt or dress, or simply a bra or some sort of lingerie. On the bottom half, she usually wears knee-highs, lingerie tights with thin straps, or fishnets (if anything at all).

There are many modern styles of pin-up girl tattoos today. Modern variations take place and people play around with the original style of the traditional pin-up tattoo. Regardless of which style you prefer, Shamrock Tattoo Co. can create the Pin-up girl of your dreams.

CT’s Best Tattoo Artists

We feel the art and professionalism of our artists at Shamrock Tattoo raise a higher standard. Whether you want a small piece or a full sleeve, intricate line work, vibrant color, or vintage design, the artists at Shamrock Tattoo Company can make it happen. We have tattooed countless residents of West Hartford, Newington, Glastonbury, and all other surrounding areas of CT. We’re confident you’ll get the outcome you are looking for. If you are interested in getting a tattoo to come to Shamrock Tattoo Company to explore your options.

Pin-Up Tattoos | CT | Shamrock Tattoo Co.

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